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Welcome to Aarde. In our Amsterdam shop we offer a large variety of colourful textiles, old and new cupboards, silk and felt products, copper pots and jugs, wood, stone and earthenware bowls, tribal silver jewellery, kelims and many styles of kelim cushions.

All our products are carefully crafted in, amongst others, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Kirgizië, Iran, and Oezbekistan. For an idea of our products on offer, please take a look at our HERE or, better still, join us for coffee in our shop while you browse around. We are always happy to help you find what you are looking for.

New furniture from Palissander

Looking for a new table, couch or stool? Aarde also offers exclusively designed, beautiful new furniture from the highly rated Indian Palissander. Locally named Sheesham, the wood comes from large plantations and is authentically crafted into new furniture. These stunning, sleek, new designs combine beautifully in every interior with the expressive, old Asiatic furniture and utensils available in our shop.

Fair Trade

Aarde stands for the principles of Fair Trade. We manage all our own imports! Aarde is convinced that small-scale, honest trade forms a strong basis for the economic development of disadvantaged areas. Financial support and compensation ensures a healthy business relationship which develops the empowerment of all parties involved, instead of creating a one-sided dependence. Fair trade with mutual respect and appreciation from both the mind and heart. In addition, Aarde believes in sustainability and environmentally friendly practices; all our waste is recycled.

Aarde respects the environment, humans and animals!